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Quality Conditions GE

Woodblocks GE according to DIN EN 68702 "Pine"


Quality Conditions GE

The wood blocks must be produced from healthy, dry trimmed timber. They must not have any false or damage which might impair the usage value. Healthy, firmly growing branches, minor drying cracks and slight blue stain are permissible. Blocks of between 60 and 100 mm in length of single- stem (not core-separated) wood up to 10% of the total quantity are permissible.

Moisture content

The average moisture content of the blocks on delivery in the range 10 – 14% must be established in accordance with the local conditions and the intended purpose. The average moisture content of individual blocks may vary from the established figure by ± 2% moisture content. If no unusual room climate conditions are to be expected, a wood moisture content of 12 - 13% (± 2%) has proven to be suitable in practice:

Varying conditions and laying of the blocks on a non-heat-insulated undersurface must be mentioned in the work specification and brought to the attention of the client.

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