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Quality Conditions RE and WE

Woodblock RE according to DIN EN 68702 "Oak" (left) and "Pine" (right)





Quality Conditions RE

The wood blocks must be produced from healthy, multi-stem, (core-separated), square-planed, technically (artificially) dried, clean-edged trimmed timber (planks or squared timber). Healthy, firmly growing branches, minor drying cracks and colour variations which do not impair the usage capability, are permissible. In the case of oak blocks, small proportions of healthy sapwood are permissible, and in the case of pine blocks, slight blue stain. The extent of healthy sapwood for oak blocks and slight blue stain for pine blocks may amount to a maximum of 5% per individual block and a maximum of 3% for the complete surface.

The rustic overall impression of woodblock RE should not be impaired by other apparent visual effects, such as conspicuous areas of a significantly different colour.

Woodblock WE according to DIN EN 68702 "Pine"


Quality conditions WE

The wood blocks must be produced from healthy, clean-edged trimmed timber. Blocks from 100 mm only have to be planed on the long sides. Colour variations, healthy sapwood and blue stain in pine are basically permissible. Blocks from 40 mm height of single-stem wood up to 10% of the total quantity are permissible.

Moisture content

The average moisture content of the blocks (on delivery) must be established in accordance with the anticipated room climate of the local conditions. For woodblock RE, this is 8 - 12%, and for woodblock WE 8 - 13%. The average moisture content of individual blocks may vary from the established figure by ± 2% moisture content. If no unusual room climate conditions are to be expected, the following wood moisture values have proven to be suitable in practice for the relevant application areas:

RE = 9 % - 10% (± 2%)
WE = 11 % - 12% (± 2%)

In the event of room climate conditions varying from the above requirements, this must be noted specially in the list of specifications, or notified in advance by the client to the contractor of the woodblock work, and the required wood moisture content specified. If the woodblock is to be laid on a non-heatinsulated undersurface, this must also be brought to the attention of the contractor. The moisture content is determined on delivery and on laying. The determination of the moisture content is carried out with the aid of suitable electronic moisture measurement devices. In the event of doubt, the DARR method specified in DIN 52183 should be used to establish the definitive value.

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