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Installation and Surface Protection

Woodblock RE and WE


The blocks must be laid in conjunction, with continuous straight longitudinal joints. The direction of laying can be left to the contractor, provided that no special agreements have been made. The work must be carried out using only adhesives and other products for undersurface preparation (e.g. preliminary coatings) which have expressly been declared as suitable for the relevant woodblock and application area by the adhesive manufacturer. TRGS 610 must also be observed. Working joints and safety distances must be adapted to the prevailing circumstances.

Before, during and after the laying time, the room temperature must be maintained at >18 °C and the temperature at the underfloor surface at >15 °C. The relative air humidity should not exceed 65% for any length of time. This room climate must be maintained until completion of the surface.


Woodblock RE must be sanded evenly. The number of sanding steps and the fineness of the sanding materials depend on the surface treatment. In the case of woodblock WE, the sanding must be agreed separately. Surface treatment A surface protection agent must be applied to woodblock RE after sanding. Unless otherwise agreed, this must be sealed, e.g. cold- or warm-waxing, hot impregnation, oiling or varnishing. DIN 18367 - VOB Part C - Item 3.3 must be observed.

In the case of woodblock WE, the surface treatment must be agreed separately.

Woodblock GE


The undersurface usually includes a preliminary coating. The blocks are then glued in place in straight lines using an adhesive specially made or the installation of woodblock. Soft-plastic adhesives have proven themselves in practice for the installation of woodblock GE. The direction of laying can be left to the contractor, provided that no special agreements have been made. I f it is intended to install underlay strips, their application should be carried out in accordance with the adhesive system.

Room climate

Laying should be carried out at a room air and undersurface temperature of > 15 °C. The instructions of the adhesive manufacturer should also be observed.


Not envisaged, although possible.

Surface protection

Agents containing paraffin or primers with oil-synthetic resin sealant to delay the absorption of moisture. Paraffin must be applied hot.

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