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Surface-heated floor constructions



On surface-heated floor constructions – cement screed (CT) – woodblock can be laid at a low thickness. In order to ensure adequate radiation of warmth to the area to be heated, the heat permeation resistance should not exceed 0.15 m² K/W. Due to the heat flow parallel to the fibre, the
corresponding figures lie below this value for oak up to a maximum thickness of 30 mm, and for pine up to 25 mm.


In terms of design and construction, the recommendations of the “Zentralverband des Deutschen Baugewerbes” (Central association of the German building industry), Bonn, should be observed. The customer must maintain written confirmation that the instructions in the Notice “Preparatory measures for the laying of wooden floors of heated floor constructions” for commissioning, warming and cooling, have been observed. (This Notice can be requested from the publisher.)


Further literature from the “Surface heating information service”: “Guidelines for the use of floor coverings over floor heating – Requirements and instructions” (BVF Hochstraße 113 - 58095 Hagen) and specialist information “Interface co-ordination for heated floor constructions” for builders, planners and contractors. (Supplier can be requested from the publisher.)

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